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Hiser Joy proudly represents small local clients, municipalities and state government agencies, and international Fortune 500 corporations.  Areas of representation include environmental compliance for industrial and natural resources companies, environmental guidance for local and state agencies, and permitting for mining industrial and electric production companies.

A few of our present and past clients.

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Steel Production and Manufacturing

Sheet, plate, bar, and wire steel manufacturing and downstream products facilities; local manufacturing companies.

  • Nucor Corporation and Subsidiary Products Divisions

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Local Municipalities

Local cities and counties.

  • City of Phoenix, Arizona

  • City of Prescott, Arizona

  • Maricopa County Air Quality Board

  • Maricopa County Flood Plan Review Board

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Greenfield and existing operations permitting for copper, gold, coal, and lime mining as well as copper smelting.

  • ASARCO, Inc.

  • Lhoist North America

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Utilities, Oil and Gas

Power generation and associated generation lines; Oil and Gas field production and substations.

  • Arizona Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.

  • Arizona Utilities Group

  • Tucson Electric Power Company

  • Agave Energy Company

  • Yates Petroleum Corporation 

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Local Manufacturers and Businesses

Local Arizona companies and community organizations.

  • Environmental Phase I and II Review

  • Stormwater and Drinking water

  • CERCLA and WQARF Review

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