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EPA Withdraws Limetree Bay PAL, May 27, 2021 Eric L. Hiser

On March 25, 2021, incoming EPA Administrator Michael Regan notified the U.S. Virgin Islands and Limetree Bay Terminals (LBT) that it was "withdrawing" the final plantwide applicability limit" (PAL) permit issued on December 2, 2020 to LBT. The permit had not become effective due to appeals to the Environmental Appeals Board (EAB). Administrator Regan's letter further states that "this withdrawall does not require Limetree to cease operation" and that "EPA will undertake a thoughtful, timely technical and legal review of the regulatory requirements applicable to the Limetree PAL under the Clean Air Act, engage with a broad range of stakeholders, and take into consideration concerns from the nearby environmental justice community before making a final decision on this matter." EPA filed corresponding withdrawal notices with the EAB.

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